Kulaši Spa

Kulaši Spa is located 14 kilometers from Prnjavor, on the road to Teslić Town, at the foot of Mount Ljubić. This health resort is well known from the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire. Centuries old tradition of Kulaši Spa is based on sources with exceptionally healing and unique high alkaline, sulfide, mineralogical, hypo-thermal water with temperature of 27 to 28 degrees of Celsius, which is bacteriologically completely sterile, and with constant quality and incredibly high Ph value of 11.75. According to the current knowledge, besides this spring, there are only two other springs in Europe with similar water characteristics, and in the whole world just other four. The efficacy of spa water has been demonstrated in over 90% of cases. Special efficiency has been shown in the treatment of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, kidney and urinary tract diseases, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and others. Kulaši Spa has been in private ownership since 2015, and it was completely reconstructed and renovated. Hotel accommodation of Kulaši Spa is placed in a modern, renovated building, equipped according to all existing European standards, with top-trained personnel. The hotel has 52 comfortable rooms and 2 comfortable suites.

Hunting Tourism

Hunting tourism in the Municipality of has a long tradition, especially hunt for roe. In the Municipality of Prnjavor there are two different types of hunting grounds, sport hunting ground of 55.179 ha, managed by Hunting Association “Borik” and an industrial hunting area of ​​7.820 ha, managed by the Forest Association “Gradiška”, Prnjavor. Hunting ground “Prnjavor” belongs to the lowland hunting area from 117 to 349 m above sea level. The basic game types are game deer, rabbit and pheasant. Of the total area of ​​the hunting ground, the hunting area occupies 53,950 ha, and the total area is 1,229 ha. Hunters from abroad are especially interested in hunting for a forest snipe, wild duck and quail. The hunting season begins in early June, quail hunting, forest snipe, pigeon horns and throats begin on August 1st, hunting wild boar and foxes starts from October 1st, hunting for rabbit and pheasant from the first of November. Hunting association “Borik” was founded in 1910 and has over 1000 members. Last Sunday in May, this association organizes a traditional gathering of hunters “Hunter gathering”, which brings together over 500 hunters.