Boleslaviec (Republic of Poland)

The City of Boleslaviec is located in the southwest region of the Polish Lower Słońsk. It is 123 km far from Wroclaw, which is the administrative center of the Duchy of Lower Słońsk. The Town of Prnjavor is situated 1.094 km from Boleslaviec. Since Boleslaviec has a long tradition of producing ceramics, Boleslaviec is the world known as the “City of Ceramics”.

An agreement on cooperation was signed in 1974, and then rebuilt in 1988, and again in 2006.

Population: 40,837

Mayor: Piotr Roman

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Boleslaviec District (Powiat Boleslawiec)

Boleslaviec District with an administrative centre in the City of Boleslaviec exists since the administrative reform was carried out, in 1999. It is composed of 6 local communities (gmina – pl.): Osiječnica, Gromadka, Boleslaviec, Novogrođec, City of Boleslaviec and Varta Boleslaviečka.

In 1946, by signing an agreement between Yugoslavia and the Republic of Poland the return of Polish immigrants, who had previously inhabited the north of our country, especially in the area of the District of Prnjavor, was enabled. Over 18,000 Poles emigrated from the area and then settled in the area of the District of Boleslaviec.

An agreement on cooperation was signed back in 1974 and renewed on 16.04.2015.

Population: 88,343

Mayor: Tomasz Gabrysiak

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Zhydachiv (Ukraine)

The City of Zhydachiv is located in the eastern part of Ukraine, 63 km from the regional centre of Lviv. The Town of Prnjavor is 995 km far from Zhydachiv.

The name of the city was first mentioned in the twelfth century, and in the XIV it became one of the centres of the former Galicia.

An agreement on cooperation was signed on 15 September 2011.

Population: 11,683

Mayor: Levko Volodymyr Semenovich

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Boskovice (Czech Republic)

The City of Boskovice is located in the northern part of the Southern Moravia area. It is 42 km far from the regional center of Brno, and 752 km from the Town of Prnjavor. The city was founded in the mid-thirteenth century, and as a witness there are many archaeological sites, castles and palaces.

Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 23 March 2013 in Prnjavor.

Population: 11,504

Mayor: Jaroslav Dohnálek

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