The population of the Municipalit of Prnjavor is one of the most important resources and a very important factor in its current and future socio-economic development. According to the latest population census conducted in 2013, in the Municipality of Prnjavor live 34,357 inhabitants, which makes up about 3% of the population of the Republic of Srpska.

According to the administrative and territorial division, the Municipalit of Prnjavor consists of 63 settlements. The Municipality of Prnjavor covers an area of 630 km² and the average population density is about 54 st/km², however, the population is quite unevenly distributed. The contemporary spatial distribution of the population is characterized by a significantly higher concentration of population in the municipal center, compared to the rest of the space. On the surface of 6.28 km², which includes the town settlement Prnjavor, there are 7,651 inhabitants, which makes up 22% of the population of the Municipality.

At the end of the 20th century there were 19 different ethnic groups in the Municipality of Prnjavor, and Prnjavor was rightly called the “Little Europe” or “Europe in Small”. Today, there are about 12 different nations – the majority population is made up of Serbs, then Bosniaks and Croats, and the most numerous representatives of national minorities are Ukrainians, Italians, Czechs, then Poles, Roma, Hungarians, Germans, Russians and Slovaks. The common life in this region, often marked by turbulent events, has created an atmosphere of respect and tolerance, which has been Prnjavor’s character for decades, and therefore we are proudly still bearing the nickname “Little Europe”.